Monday, April 11, 2011

Backlog Part 4

I've fallen behind my torrid pace earlier this year. I'm actually running consecutive days for the first time in about a month. I need to get back on the horse. The weather has given me a boost!

March 27th

5.5 miles: 1:00:00

April 3rd

2 miles: 20:05
5k: 30:02
3.5 miles: 34:13

April 11th

3 miles: 28:03

Miles ran so far to date: 126.9 miles (25.38%)
Total time: 22:30:23
Total days: 101 (27.67%)

Backlog Part 3

In the ongoing series of my laziness in posting, here is part three of my times this past month.

March 14th

2 miles: 19:58
5k: 29:23
3.2 miles: 30:23

3/20 (outside)

5k: 27:56

3/23 (outside)

2.3 miles: 21:54

Total miles ran so far in this backlog: 114.9 miles (22.98%)
Total time: 20:28:07
Total days at this time: 82 (22.46%)

Backlog Part 2

Continuing the backlog of days...

March 8th (outside)

2 miles: 15:17

March 10th

5k: 32:09
3.8: 38:27

March 11th

2 miles: 20:36
5k: 30:19
4 miles: 38:46

March 13th (outside)

2.3 miles: 16:14

Total miles so far on this backlog: 106.3 miles (21.26%)
Total time: 19:07:54
Total days at this time: 72 (19.72%)

Backlog Part I

I'm lazy. I did the tough part. I've been running. I haven't been posting. There are a myriad of excuses and reasons but that doesn't really matter. Here is the begining of what I think is going to be a four part post. BTW, down to 178lbs...

February 28th

2 miles: 21:14
5k: 31:31
3.5 miles: 36:06

March 1st

2 miles: 22:06
5k: 31:00
3.5 miles: 35:18

March 5th

5k: 34:22
3.5 miles: 38:00

March 6th

2 miles: 21:31
5k: 32:26
3.5 miles: 36:45

Total miles ran so far through this backlog: 94.2 miles (18.84%)
Total time: 17:19:10
Total days at this time: 65 (17.8)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Barriers broken. First 10k.

It's been a long time since I blogged but I have been running. To celebrate this post, I've decided to embed one of my favorite 70s rock songs.

In fact, I broke a couple of my personal bests these last two weeks. A couple of Saturdays ago, I ran for an hour continuously for the first time ever. I then followed it up this Saturday with a 10k run that took 01:01:14 to complete.

I have to admit I felt absolutely shot the rest of the day. What perked me up was getting on the scale and seeing that over the last month and a half, I have dropped weight. I have gone from 191.6 lbs to 182.3 lbs. The exercise has definitely had an effect on the weight loss but also contributing is the fact that I've only had fast food a couple of times and I haven't consumed as much soda.

For instance, last night, Lauren and I went to Ledo's and I ordered a soda since I had been drinking water all day. Generally, I would get about 2-3 refills of a 16 oz glass. I only had one glass total for dinner and I was still satisfied. I don't think I even finished the glass which a few weeks ago would have been sacreligious.

I'm trying to get to 170 lbs by the summer.

Now for a random picture to get your attention on Facebook.

February 17th

2 miles: 21:48
5k: 31:16
3.5 miles: 35:54

February 19th

2 miles: 22:08
5k: 32:30
3.5 miles: 36:28
4 miles: 41:12
4.5 miles: 46:16
5 miles: 51:33
5.5 miles: 57:36
5.65 miles: 1:00:00

February 22nd

2 miles: 20:53
2.25 miles: 23:38

February 26th

2 miles: 21:50
5k: 31:54
3.5 miles: 35:51
4 miles: 40:36
4.5 miles: 45:03
5 miles: 49:35
6 miles: 58:57
6.09 miles: 1:00:00
10k: 1:01:14

Total miles ran so far: 80.2 (16.04%)
Total time: 14:53:01
Total days so far: 58 (15.89%)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First 5 mile run, feeling athletic again

I ran my first 5 mile run on Saturday. I had the legs to go further but I had to stop because Lauren had finished her workout and needed to leave. I think I'm going to set an hour aside this weekend and do my first hour run.

I'm definitely starting to see a difference in my endurance and just my overall athletic performance. My lungs have never felt better. I've lost a few pounds and my muscles are starting to get firmer...especially the calves.

My goal is still to run a 10k by the end of the month. I definitely think I've got a shot at making it.

February 10th

2 miles: 23:38
5k: 35:07

February 12th

2 miles: 22:06
5k: 32:54
3.5 miles: 36:57
4 miles: 41:25
4.5 miles: 46:51
5 miles: 52:51

February 15th

2 miles: 21:50
5k: 31:57
3.5 miles: 36:16

Total miles ran so far: 62.6 (12.52%)
Total time: 11:52:35
Total days so far: 46 (12.60%)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Over 50 miles, a quandry and awkward gym song


This past Saturday after my run, I talked to one of the Lifetime trainers about getting a heart monitor for my runs. I have a feeling that the ones on the treadmills are about as useless as men's nipples. Turns out I was right. They are wildly inaccurate.

I asked for a price and the trainer said that the least expensive one was about $150 and the most expensive around $250. She also said that I'm probably not breathing right and that I would need to do a breathing test so I can burn calories more efficiently. She also said that they would hook the test results into the watch so I could train better. I asked her how much that was. She said that the mask was $40 (they don't want to reuse masks) and the test would be $100...$390-490?

I'm thinking to myself that there is no way in hell am I doing that. I looked up some heart monitor watches online and they run anywhere from $40-$250. But I got to thinking about my breathing. Am I doing it wrong? Am I doing more work than I should or stressing my body out too much?

Awkward Gym Song-

Lifetime Gym puts on a decent workout mix. The music isn't too loud and generally goes with the workouts. Although, I could do without No Doubt's "Don't Speak". That's not what I would consider workout music. I could also do without the Black Eyed about ubiquitous...just break up already.

Now the music filters throughout the building, including the locker rooms. So you can find yourself toe tapping to the whatever music is playing. An interesting song that is great for a workout but is weird to hear in a gym locker room that I heard the other day is...

"Juxtaposition" for the win!!!

I also saw a guy blow dry his downstairs while lifting his towel today...I'm not using any hair drying equipment in the locker room...

On to the stats!!

I've ran three times since last Wednesday:

February 5th

2 miles 23:56
5k 35:36
3.5 miles 41:15

February 7th

2 miles 22:52
5k: 33:29
4.5 miles 48:59

February 8th

2 miles 21:28

Total miles ran so far: 51.0 (10.20%)
Total time: 09:48:21
Total days so far: 39 (10.68%)