Sunday, February 27, 2011

Barriers broken. First 10k.

It's been a long time since I blogged but I have been running. To celebrate this post, I've decided to embed one of my favorite 70s rock songs.

In fact, I broke a couple of my personal bests these last two weeks. A couple of Saturdays ago, I ran for an hour continuously for the first time ever. I then followed it up this Saturday with a 10k run that took 01:01:14 to complete.

I have to admit I felt absolutely shot the rest of the day. What perked me up was getting on the scale and seeing that over the last month and a half, I have dropped weight. I have gone from 191.6 lbs to 182.3 lbs. The exercise has definitely had an effect on the weight loss but also contributing is the fact that I've only had fast food a couple of times and I haven't consumed as much soda.

For instance, last night, Lauren and I went to Ledo's and I ordered a soda since I had been drinking water all day. Generally, I would get about 2-3 refills of a 16 oz glass. I only had one glass total for dinner and I was still satisfied. I don't think I even finished the glass which a few weeks ago would have been sacreligious.

I'm trying to get to 170 lbs by the summer.

Now for a random picture to get your attention on Facebook.

February 17th

2 miles: 21:48
5k: 31:16
3.5 miles: 35:54

February 19th

2 miles: 22:08
5k: 32:30
3.5 miles: 36:28
4 miles: 41:12
4.5 miles: 46:16
5 miles: 51:33
5.5 miles: 57:36
5.65 miles: 1:00:00

February 22nd

2 miles: 20:53
2.25 miles: 23:38

February 26th

2 miles: 21:50
5k: 31:54
3.5 miles: 35:51
4 miles: 40:36
4.5 miles: 45:03
5 miles: 49:35
6 miles: 58:57
6.09 miles: 1:00:00
10k: 1:01:14

Total miles ran so far: 80.2 (16.04%)
Total time: 14:53:01
Total days so far: 58 (15.89%)

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