Monday, January 24, 2011

Back in the Saddle and Lessons Learned

A couple of things that I learned about running today.

1. Two days off is probably one too many. I spent most of my time this past weekend at a board meeting for the Virginia Education Association. Suffice to say, that I didn't make the gym on the second floor. When I got back on the treadmill today, I didn't feel as good. Legs were tired and unresponsive. It could been the second lesson I learned today.

2. Don't run three hours after eating at Qdoba. I had a burrito for lunch on the way back from Richmond. First, I would suggest eating half the portion. I ate 3/4 and it was way too much. Second, the shredded beef is not flavorful. It's tender and juicy but it has no staying power in the flavor department. Chipotle's barbacoa is much better. Lauren, by the way, had the sauteed vegetarian burrito which she thought was good. But she would suggest not loading up the burrito with a ton of extras because it takes away from the flavor.

Back to the reasons why you shouldn't run three hours after eating Qdoba. One reason is that I was constantly fighting the urge to purge. I probably would've had my membership revoked for making a mess on the treadmill. The second reason was that I couldn't breathe properly. I had to take shorter breaths on account of the almost one pound of mexican food in my stomach.

It should be no surprise then that I was pitiful in my times. This is not to make excuses on my time. It's just to provide context on why I was terrible today.

Split time

2 miles: 25:23 (a little over two minutes worse than my last run)

Total run today: 2.5 miles (32:10)

So far on this run, I have completed 21.9 miles (4.38%) in a total time of 04:17:55 in 24 days (6.57%).

I've got to make up a little time tomorrow, so I will run before I tutor. Hopefully, I can get on the school treadmill!


  1. Yes, eating is not a good idea up to 5 hours before running. The best running is in the morning, when your body has fasted for at least 8 hours. Also, the training will make the running less daunting. As the weeks pass it gets easier and easier. Even after stopping for a couple of days. Great blog, I will continue to follow.

  2. Ewww, I couldn't even imagine running after eating a big burrito!! You are muy loco :)

    I hope you were able to grab the treadmill at work and get a session in before tutoring! I personally think finding a consistent time to workout is one of the hardest hurdles to get over.