Monday, January 31, 2011

Nine miles in the last two runs...

So I haven't updated the last couple of days but that doesn't mean I haven't been running. This past Friday and Sunday I put down a record by running a total of nine miles those two days (4.5 each). Right now, the plan is to be at a 10k (6.2 miles) by the end of February. I'm definitely going to have to get outside as soon as possible because I don't think I can stand the monotony of running over an hour on the treadmill.

Here are the times from the last two runs:

January 28th

2 miles: 24:46
5k: 36:21
4 miles: 47:04
4.5 mi: 52:17

January 30th

2 miles: 23:51
5k: 34:20
4 miles: 43:52
4.5 mi: 50:12

Total miles ran so far: 35.2 (7.04%)
Total time: 06:48:57
Total days so far: 31 (8.49%)

Goal tomorrow: Change before tutoring and run afterwords. Since it'll be busy at the gym, I'll shoot for a 5k.

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